Embassy of the Republic of Malawi, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany

Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany 


Malawi is always beautiful.  The cooler months (May to August/September) are more comfortable for travellers from the northern hemisphere, but the lush, green summer (November to April) is also a good time to visit if due care is taken to avoid mosquito bites.  May and June combine the best of both seasons - cooler, still green with great visibility - and are especialy good for photography.  Country dirt roads are sometimes impassable to normal vehicles during heavy rains.

Game viewing is best in the hottest times of the dry season when the animals are forced to visit water sources, but the countryside is more attractive in the wetter, greener months.  Bird watchers enjoy their best sightings in October and November.  Check for school holiday dates, particularly for those in South Africa when more tourists visit Malawi and resorts fill up.


 Airlines flying to Malawi to / from Europe:

KLM (via Nairobi with Kenya Airways), South African Airways (via Johannesburg) and Ethiopian Airlines (via Addis Ababa)

 Africa Airlines flying to / from Malawi:

 Air Malawi, Air Zimbabwe, Air Tanzania, South African Airways, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines


Most international flights land at Lilongwe, Malawi's capital, but several flights, especially those from Johannesburg and Harare, land at the business centre of Blantyre in the south.