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The Malawi Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services wishes to announce the launch of an online visa service for visitors to Malawi effective 1st November, 2019.

The online visa service compliments the efforts the Department embarked on in the quest to ensuring timeliness and efficiency in facilitating travel to Malawi. Through the Malawi online visa service, applicants will be able to register and login on the e-visa platform, fill and submit and applications, upload supporting documents including applicants photo and pay the visa fees in advance in line with new payment arrangements. Once the application is approved, a notification is sent by email and similarly on the login page where an approval document authorising entry into Malawi can be downloaded for use to facilitate the applicants travel arrangements and endorsement of a visa sticker onto the travellers passport at the port of entry by an Immigration Officer. To apply for an e-visa, register and login to the Immigration website:

https://www.immigration.gov.mw or https://www.evisa.gov.mw

Malawi is currently emerging rapidly as one of Africas most complete destinations and this new visa system, making it even easier to visit the Warm Heart of Africa, will give it yet another boost. For a long time Malawis stunning beaches, beautiful and varied landscapes and fascinating and friendly cultural experiences have been some of the best that Africa has to offer. The wildlife transformations currently underway courtesy of African Parks amazing conservation work are not only creating safari experiences that match the high quality of the countrys other attractions but are also bringing worldwide attention to this hidden gem, not least courtesy of African Parks president HRH Prince Harry. These developments, exposure and now simplified entry will be sure to accelerate Malawis tourism growth.

Please note that Visa to Malawi only grants permission to the traveller to enter Malawi within the validity period of the Visa subject to fulfilling other entry requirements. The validity period of the Visa is not necessarily the permitted days to stay/reside in Malawi. Number of days/residential permit to legally stay in Malawi is issued at the port of entry or on application at the Malawi Immigration Headquarters.

For more information, contact: Joseph Mtumodzi Chauwa (National Public Relations Officer),
Immigration Headquarters,
P.O. Box 331,
Blantyre, Malawi
Office: +265(0)1831791
Email: jchauwa@immigration.gov.mw


Paul J. Butao
First Secretary (Economic Affairs)
Embassy of the Republic of Malawi
Westfaelische Strasse 86
10709 Berlin
Tel.: +49-30-8431540
E-mail: pbutao@malawi-embassy.de


Visa applications are received on MONDAYs only from 10.00 hours to 12.00 hours.
Approved visas are collected on THURSDAYs only from 10.00 hours to 12.00 hours.
For more on Malawi Visas and Permits visit:



Visa application forms should be downloaded and filled in advance. The Embassy does not assist in filling in the Visa Forms.

Processing time for visa is 10 working days after receiving the complete application either by hand or by post.

All nationals from countries that require Malawians to pay for visa to enter their countries are required to obtain a visa to enter Malawi. There is one general category of Visa for all travellers.

Visa Enquiries are from Monday - Thursday from 09.00 until 12.00 hours or send 
an e-mail to: berlin@malawi-embassy.de  


As for those who will be visiting Malawi on official duties, gratis visas or total waiver may apply depending on the reasons of the trip stated. Please note that it is advisable that all potential German and European visitors in countries of accreditation should apply for their visas in good time at the Malawi Embassy in Berlin to avoid any inconveniences they may encounter on boarding planes and arrival in Malawi, thereby delaying their planned holiday and other business endeavours.

The Embassy requires that all applicants send a self-addressed stamped envelopes or arrange with courier services at their own cost. The Embassy will not be responsible for postage costs or visa applications that are sent without return self-addressed and stamped envelopes.


- 1 Application Form
- 1 Passport Size Photo
- Valid Passport
- Visa fees (in cash)
- Onward Ticket
- Proof of means of support during residence in country
- Letter from company / sponsor, where required
- Self-addressed and stamped envelope

VISA Requirement and Procedures

The Gazetted visa fees for Malawi Missions are as follows:

Transit Visa (valid for 7 days) - € 65.00  
Single Entry visa (valid for 3 months) - € 90.00  
Multiple Entry visa (valid for 6 months) - €200.00  

Multiple Entry Visa (valid for 12 months) - €270.00  


Visa Application Form                                -          

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