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The Gazetted visa fees for Malawi Missions are as follows:

Transit Visa (valid for 7 days) - € 65.00
Single Entry visa (valid for 3 months) - € 90.00
Multiple Entry visa (valid for 6 months) - €200.00
Multiple Entry Visa (valid for 12 months) - €270.00

As for those who will be visiting Malawi on official duties, gratis visas or total waiver may apply depending on the reasons of the trip stated.

Please note that it is advisable that all potential German and European visitors in countries of accreditation should apply for their visas in good time, at the Malawi Embassy in Berlin to avoid any inconveniences, they may encounter on boarding planes and arrival in Malawi, thereby delaying their planned holiday and other business endeavours.

The Embassy requires that all applicants send a self-addressed stamped envelopes or arrange with courier services at their own cost. Malawi Embassy will not be responsible for postage costs or visa applications that are sent without return self-addressed stamped envelopes.

Visa Enquiries are from Monday – Thursday from 09.00 until 12.00 hours or send an e-mail to:


1 application form
1 passport-size photo
Visa fees (in cash)
Onward ticket
Valid Passport
Proof of means of support during residence in country
Letter from company / sponsor, where required
Self-addressed envelope with stamp

Processing time for visa is 10 working days after receiving the complete application either by hand or by post.

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Visa Application form: Download
VISA requirements and procedures: Download
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